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Common name. Gold Stripe Bamboo

Botanical name. Bambusa multiplex "Gold Stripe"

Description. The Gold Stripe Bamboo has golden stripes at the bottom and is one of the fastest growing bamboos that can be used for screening. Grows to 4m.

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Common name. Oldham's Bamboo

Botanical name. Bambusa oldhamii

Description. The Oldhamii Bamboo has edible Shoots and is an all round bamboo that grows rapidly in warmer months. Grows to 17m - 20m high.

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Common name. Slender Weavers Bamboo

Botanical name. Bambusa textilis "Gracillis"

Description. The Slender Weavers Bamboo is a screening bamboo that can be grown next to ponds without becoming waterlogged like the other species of bamboo. This bamboo is well behaved when planted close to pathways and other structures. Grows to 6m.

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Common name. Timor Black Bamboo

Botanical name. Bambusa lako

Description. The Timor Black Bamboo is a large, shiny black bamboo that is hardy to –4 C. Grows to 21m high.

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